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 Life On A Seesaw

 Self Released
 Released: 3/23/11 (CD)


 1- Intro
 2- When I Knew You
 3- Greens And Blues
 4- Interlude
 5- In Love
 6- Kyle's Song
 7- The White Of The Pages

 Life On a Seesaw - Montgomery Drive


 Self Released
 Released: 6/27/10 (CD)

 BEAR Records
 Released: 8/12/10 (Cassette)


 1- Drowning At The Bottom Of The Ocean
 2- Finding Comfort In...
 3- The World As We Know It

 Crybaby - Montgomery Drive

 Split: Fair Root/CounterfeitMatt

 Just A.S.K.
 Released: 1/14/10 (CD)


 1- Classy Tallahassee
 2- When I Knew You

 Split: Fair Root/CounterfeitMatt - Montgomery Drive

 The Elephant Never Forgets
 Mayday! Mayday! Records
 Released: 11/09/09 (Cassette)


 1- The Explosions
 2- I Could Whisk You Away
 3- What I've Done
 4- When I Knew You
 5- Sweet Revenge
 6- Twenty Two
 7- Greens And Blues
 8- In Love
 9- Give Up
 10- Untitled

 The Elephant Never Forgets (2004-2008) - Montgomery Drive

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